Feb 24, 2022

Logo Design Trends for 2022

The logo is exactly what potential buyers pay attention to first of all. An interesting logo can increase sales, as well as attention from buyers. Knowing all modern trends, you can create a logo in the Turbologo service, which will save money, as well as create a logo that will match the spirit of the company.

Every year the logo trend is always changing, usually this trend follows the market. There used to be a popular flat themed logo, now there is also a logo with an NFT theme. Then in 2022, what are the popular trends in this year? Read on for this article.

The main trends of logos in 2022

The following trends of the logo of 2022 can be distinguished:

Complex animation with fancy details

logo trend

Logo author: Alex Gorbunov

Such logos allow not only to attract the attention of potential buyers, but also to tell them a certain story that will be remembered and associated with your brand. The 2022 logo combines 2- and 3-dimensional animation in various elements of the logo at once, which also makes it much brighter. Various studios and designers are very fond of working with this trend, which will most likely lead to the fact that this trend will still be relevant for 5-10 years.

Example logo trends:

Using negative space


Logo author: Nour Oumousse

This technique has been used for a very long time, but it is still one of the key trends in creating a logo. In the field of corporate identity design, this logo design trends is the most stable. When creating a logo, complex images are used, which include several different elements at once. All available elements should gradually attract the user's attention to the logo, leaving a certain mystery and memorability.

Unique fonts

unique fonts

Logo author: VASK®️

Recently, there has been a trend in which most logos are created in a text format. 2022 logo design is created in a unique font that allows you to attract the attention of users or potential customers. It is increasingly difficult to find a unique font, which is why many designers have started experimenting with resizing letters, creating new unique fonts, and also using several fonts at once when creating a new logo.

Layering of elements


Logo author: pixtocraft

The main basis of this trendy logo is the inclusion of several images in the final logo at once. Such a logo looks bright and includes several different elements at once, which allows you to tell more about the company and at the same time will be remembered. One of the main advantages of this trend is the absence of restrictions and frameworks, which allows you to create really interesting logos.

Bright background and logo colors

logo trends 2022

Logo author: Demo paityn

In 2022 logo design should be unique and attractive. It is the bright color scheme that will allow the logo to stand out among others and a brighter logo will primarily attract attention, which means it will most likely be remembered by potential buyers. At the same time, this trend allows you to refresh an existing logo and, by changing certain elements of it, give it a new look, which will cause discussion among users and become an additional advertisement for the company or products.

Universal minimalism

Logo author: Abdullah Mubin

This trend started gaining popularity a few years ago, but it became one of the main logo trends in 2022. The development and popularity of this trend is connected with the Internet. Many companies have started to create accounts in various social networks, their personal websites and otherwise develop their business on the Internet. There was a need to add a logo on various Internet resources, but complex images, unlike simple ones, can not be downloaded everywhere. That is why many companies have started to develop simple logos that will be placed on various sites and create additional advertising.

Optical illusions


Logo author: Nikoloz Narsia

A fairly new method of logo development, which has been gaining more and more popularity lately. Creating a unique logo is becoming more difficult every year. The most popular options are:

  • Color illusions;
  • Creating a negative space;
  • Unreal figures;
  • Visual distortion;
  • Contrasting illusions.

At the same time, a unique, encrypted logo is created, which users often consider much longer than the usual logo. Longer visual contact promotes memorization, which further has a positive effect on the development of the brand.


Trends change regularly and it is quite problematic to track them, but they are all aimed at maximizing the attractiveness and memorability of the logo. Most companies order the development and creation of a logo from professional designers, but the price for logo development is quite high. You can create a logo knowing all the driving trends yourself using Turbologo, while such a logo will correspond to the company and be remembered by consumers.